Want To Learn to Virtually Wholesale Properties?

The Proven Blueprint on How To Wholesale Properties In Virtual Markets... Even if You Have No Idea How To Select A Good Virtual Market And/Or Find Boots On The Ground!

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From: Haim Mamane Palman
San Francisco, CA

How To Make Money Virtually Wholesaling Properties 

From The Comfort Of Your Home 

In 30-60 Days?

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could learn how to make more money and quit your 9-5 job

What if you could apply information and start closing deals from the comfort of your home?

- Are you ready to learn high income skills that will allow you to spend more quality time with your family?

Hi, my name is Haim Mamane Palman, and those are questions I used to ask myself as well.

Just imagine if you had that ability Virtually Wholesaling properties from the comfort of your home with just a cell phone and a laptop, what would you do? How would that instantly change your life and business for the better?

It took me years to figure out how to do it. You may be doing what I was doing - spending hours and hours on "YouTube University" and listening to a podcast after podcast...some people call it "Paralysis Analysis". You know so much that you don't know what to do next...

STOP Worrying About Figuring Out On Your Own 
How To Virtually Wholesale Properties

Learn from my mistakes, learn from my experiences and from my education. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on long overwhelming courses on figuring out how to virtually wholesale properties. 

Now, you can follow a Proven Process. A process that allowed me quit my 9-5 job and if you are willing to follow the same process, you can do it too.

Topics Covered in the Bootcamp:

Section #1: It's All About Mindset

  •  Without the right Mindset, you will NEVER be able to make it in this business even if you have all the right knowledge. 
  • You will receive a list of life-changing books, videos, and training that will change the way you think. 

Section #2: How Select a Good Market Based on Data

  • Not all markets are created equal. Selecting the wrong market can make it very challenging for you to do deals
  • You will learn how to select a market based on data. 

Section #3: How to Find, Train and Manage Boots on the Ground

  • Proven system to find, train and manage your boots on the ground. You need to have eyes and ears on the ground to give you feedback on neighborhoods, streets, houses, and more.
  • How to have your Boots on the ground generate qualified high value leads

Section #4: How to Generate Leads like a Boss

  • Paid and Free proven strategies to generate quality leads
  • How to have your Boots on the ground generate qualified high value leads

Section #5: How to Build Your Network & Create Win-Win Relationship

  • How to network with Real Estate Agents and have them send you off-market leads.
  • ​How to network with Property Managers and find a way to leverage their expertise the right way.
  • ​How to network with Local Wholesalers and find a way to work together so you can add value to each other.

Section #6: How to Leverage Technology and Buy Your Time Back

  • How to automate big part of your follow up with CRM.
  • ​Tools, Resources and Apps to help you run a Virtual Team and a Virtual Business.
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