How To Wholesale Properties In Virtual Markets... Even if You Have No Idea How To Select A Good Virtual Market And/Or Find Boots On The Ground!
The Virtual Wholesaler Guy Full Day Bootcamp Recording is Now Available!
Topics Covered in the Bootcamp:
Lesson #1 - How to Select a Good Virtual Market
Lesson #2 - How to Find and Train Boots on the Ground
Lesson #3 - How to Generate Leads and Fill the Pipeline
Lesson #4 - How to Speak with Sellers and Screen Leads
Lesson #5 - How to Build Your Network of RE Agents, Property Managers and Local Wholesalers
Lesson #6 - How to Scale and Build a Business
Lesson #7 - How to Leverage Technology
  •  Do You Hate Your Job?
  •  Are You Tired of only Getting Few Days OFF a Year?
  •  Do You Wish You Could Spend More Time with Your Family? 
  •  I used to live this way. Then, I discovered Virtual Wholesaling.
  • Today, I spend as much time with my family as I want. I travel when I want and where I want.
  • And I want to help you have the life of Your Dream.
  • You deserve MORE from your life. I am going to teach you how to GET IT!
Learn How to Run a Real Estate Business from Anywhere in the World with a Laptop and Phone
A Rare Opportunity to Learn from A True Leader In Real Estate!
  •  How To You Build A Virtual Wholesaling Business From Scratch
  • Gain The Confidence To Run Your Virtual Wholesaling Business
  •  Avoid Deals In The Super Competitive Markets
  • LEARN The Real SECRET For How To Systemize Your Real Estate Business So You Have A Minimal Involvement In The Day-to-Day Operation
  • LEARN How To Create Processes And Systems To Generate Leads In A Virtual Marketplace 
  • LEARN How to Select a Virtual Market, Get Boots On The Ground, and Generate the RIGHT Super-Qualified LEADS!
  • LEARN How to Utilize and Leverage The RIGHT Technology
  • LEARN How to Manage Your New Virtual Team
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